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The most important thing to understand about heavy air downwind sailing is that the faster the boat is going the lower the pressure is on the sail. To learn about vang settings you need to get used to check the leech. If you want to sail downwind efficiently you have to know the target speed and target wind angles you should be sailing for different wind speeds. Typically you see people running about 45 degrees downwind, shortest distance straight downwind is not the fastest in a cat when going downwind. In medium winds its important to decrease the angle to wind as the boat slows.

When were inside the downwind cone, we dont want to sail lower deeper or more downwind than the optimum course angle, and we dont want to go outside the downwind cone because that would be sailing too far, just like with the upwind cone, so we have to zigzag jibing. When sailing downwind in a laser it is really tricky to find the correct setting of the vang. When you turned onto a reach, the apparent wind increased. See more ideas about sailing, sailboat and catamaran. Imagine spending a week doing purely downwind sailing. I also still find it hard to estimate twist in the sail when sitting in the laser. Sep 18, 2002 and even then, you are not sailing dead downwind or with the wind dead astern. Sailing world on water oct 18 19 etnz foiling tack, hugo boss tour, hong kongvietnam race more duration. The best sailors can quickly find the fastest set up, solve problems and get their boat consistently sailing fast. The following hours are spent sailing back in a building breeze, from 5 knots to 20 knots. Here we look at various positions across all wind r.

When backing out of a downwind slip wind is blowing into the slip, our tradewinds acronym l. I would love to see some pics of sailing in kuwait probably similar to california in a lot of ways unfortunately at some point since 1812 and burning the original whitehouse we became domesticated and named our dollar the looney. Just like the champion sailors, you have three tools to control the boat speed. When you were going downwind, you were moving the same direction as the wind, so the apparent wind was lower. That makes laser sailing very competitive and gives you the opportunity to sail like the top guys and girls. They are able to do this in every race, no matter what the conditions may bring.

We present daves diagram as a quiz, with his answers reprinted in the. Setting up the rad rig by ryan eric minth aka mr cvane ryan minth. The laser loves to be upside down in these types of conditions. After two seasons of bashing to windward up and down the island chain in the eastern caribbean, it has been quite a relief to be bearing away and easing the sheets at last.

In the video we explain the range of the correct vang tension. The laser is designed to be sailed single handed although class rules permit two sailors. Saizing asked mike considine of uk sailmakers to discuss how to play your vang downwind. For the moments when i get into a potential capsize situation a big puff hits i will trim in. Aug 25, 2010 training off hayling island, 1520 kts in big seas. Shows why puffs are 3 6 times more effective downwind and why sailing by the lee is fast and flexible. The laser, is a highly popular family of small onedesign sailing dinghies using the same common hull and interchangeable rigs with different sail areas. Very hard to find but i have been with some h16 a fleeters that can find it consistently.

The primary objective is not to set the sail at the perfect angle to the wind as set out in the sailing primers. Every morning after fueling on a delicious brunch, sailors rig and set off in calm conditions for a 24 km 15 mile tow. Laser training videos chew valley lake sailing club. Search for volvo sailing in the app store or download. Episodes are available as high quality hd video downloads on vimeo on demand.

When sailing downwind youre often between 140 and 180 degrees away from the twd. Rooster sailing is now pleased to offer a new digital download service of. With the onset of summer and the steady winds, weve seen a few close calls in the fairway. This article also appears in the summer 2007 edition of the laser sailor we have all felt slow downwind at some point in our laser sailing careers. Mar 03, 2010 having the right angle is the secret to sailing downwind. A reach and a run training in laser radials on lyttleton harbour. Before going out, collect all your expendable gear and use that. Even though the wind comes only diagonally from behind, the wind of motion can better slip past the sails as when sailing downwind. Racing tips, esp downwind catamaran sailing at thebeachcats. Jun, 2017 the second tool for sailing your laser balanced is your rudder. Andrew darcey from laser direct in adelaide, south australia looks at the ideal vang setting for the laser when sailing downwind in light wind.

When the boat accelerates the speed needs to be converted to vmg by sailing towards the mark. To put it in practice, join us for a downwind clinic. The vang should be set so that it is loose enough to allow the top of the sail to twist away and flex. Boat whisperer down wind dvd 105402 books and dvds chandlery.

In a dinghy such as a laser, sailing downwind with the vang overly eased will cause a dreaded capsize to weather known as a death roll. Sailing downwind in strong winds can be a real challenge. Sportvid laser sailing upwind written by sailzing editor this video is a good reinforcement of the need to make constant sail trim adjustments and minimize steering. Laser sailing lessons laser downwind sailing youtube. It is when you stop suddenly that you may be in trouble. We still receive many questions and comments on the videos at our youtube channel and official sportvid library. Olympic sailors demonstrate how they improve downwind technique in this video. Sailing upwind international laser class association. And sailing from the canary islands to the caribbean is mainly downwind.

What happens is that the wind is actually blowing the sails and thus making the boat move forward. You probably need to sit on the rails inside and one knee on the bottom of the cockpit. Its a constant challenge to get your boat balanced upwind. If youre sailing in conditions that could force a broach in rough seas or high winds keep the backstay on downwind rather than letting it run free. On a reach, adjust the tension with every puff as you reach higher or lower. There is a sweat spot running down wind where the boat will hook up and just takes off down wind. Write these three easytofollow rules on your deck before your next race. Sep 27, 2011 here are a few laser starts that illustrate the reachspeed uphead up point from youtube, hopefully i will get one of the marina aquatic center top sailors to demonstrate this and make a video. Sailing across the atlantic we often use twin headsails for the downwind runs. I was out in my capri on sunday on lake sacandaga in ny on a day that i probably should have stayed home. It is good to realize that the laser is the same for everybody.

Very few people, maybe ten in the world at any given time can really be called experts in the field of downwind laser sailing. Melges 24 worlds champion tactician, dave hughes, breaks down their best downwind moves. We have all felt slow downwind at some point in our laser sailing careers. The leech of the lasersail will give you all the information you need. The more your boat is balanced the faster it will go. The boat whisperer tactics digital download rooster blog. If you enjoyed this video, please show your appreciation and support my rio 2016 olympic campaign by. On facebook there is the coach yourself to win page where he has all the latest videos and pictures from the most exciting sailing events, the jon emmett sailing page where you can read about his current coaching activates and the training to win facebook group where you can find key notices of race, sailing instructions plus the latest news and results.

The leech of the sail should be able to move fore and aft 4 inches to 1 foot. If you are not used to adjusting the vang, start with easing the vang when reaching and sailing downwind, and tighten the vang on the upwind. After a summer of sailing the new laser mk2 sail in a variety of conditions, reading about and watching instructional videos, and. In this video, learn how to get a speed edge and how to maintain your clear air going downwind. So the first thing to do is to sail your boat, steer the boat in a downwind direction with the wind coming over one of the back corners of the boat. May 24, 2017 sailboat will generally move faster in a crosswind than downwind. You can use the rudder to counteract the disturbing variables like wind and water. You can buy individual seasons or the whole series as a super pack. This is the critical control for downwind sailing and when overpowered as a prebend tool. A lot of these questions have something to do with the sail setup and especially with the correct vang tension. Written by andrew campbell friday, 01 june 2007 00. The top sailors are able to maintain their vmg while constantly observing the conditions on the course to make strategic tactical decisions. In medium winds the conditions on the water can range from flat water to large swells. A key to upwind performance december 27, 2017 at 7.

Steve cockerill presents the definitive guide to dinghy racing tactics. Bob whipple, mba, cplp, is a consultant, trainer, speaker, and author in the areas of leadership and trust. The key objective is to keep the boat completely upright. When the wind direction changes slightly, use the rudder to change course so the pressure in the sail remains the same and with that your boat remains balanced. Luckily for all of us, downwind sailing is the single easiest place to make lasting impacts in our. Using a whisker pole to hold your jib or genoa and go wing on wing is the best use of the combination of both the main and foresail. Paul goodison, gives some tips on sailing upwind and tacking in light. When winds are coming from the back of the boat, different principles are in effect. Downwind and overpowered im a novice sailor, with around three years on dinghies jet 14 and a capri 14. Would a sailboat move faster in a crosswind or a downwind.

Having the right angle is the secret to sailing downwind. That depends on the type of the boat and its design. Downwind is certainly one of the most fun parts of laser sailing and definitely one of the most rewarding. Luckily for all of us, downwind sailing is the single easiest place to make lasting impacts in our overall game. Okay, really there are 5 but the first one is more like homework, you do it before you go sailing. The japan cat sailing videos on youtube are pretty awesome. Several years ago, he wrote a series of ten articles about downwind sailing for the butterfly fleet 20 dallas, tx blog. If this means easing the main so the whole darn sail is flapping whilst you hike for all you are worth, so be it. In waves, technique plays a role because sailing fast. May 11, 2015 belize sailing school out training the national youth squad.

Leading with trust is like sailing downwind excerpt. Sailing downwind, faster than the wind however, as it drifts, a great deal of fluid is flowing through the turbine. Bruce kirby designed the laser in 1970 with an emphasis on simplicity and performance the laser is one of the most popular yacht classes in history. Our traditional boom vangs provide essential safety and twist control for cruising boats. The distant shores sailing adventure series covers some of the worlds best sailing destinations. Laser sailing downwind body positioning international. When describing sailing by the lee, using the term you will be heading dead downwind is just plain wrong in general. How to pole out the jib downwind sailing sailing britican. In this section you will find several training videos created by members of the laser fleet.

The reason for this is that when sailing downwind, or running, the sail functions more like a parachute. On this video you can see 1960033 speed up on a broad reach before heading up and leebowing the next laser. The danger when sailing downwind is the so called accidentally jibe. How to change course downwind offshore sailing school. When you fall off from closehauled to reaching, you ease the sails to maintain a consistent angle to the wind. Regardless of whether dead downwind describes the direction of the boat relative to the leeward mark, or relative to the wind. Jun 16, 2009 what i like to do today is talk a little bit about sailing a boat downwind and how to set your sails up for that.

Laser vang adjustment downwind international laser class. This video is a good reinforcement of the need to make constant sail trim adjustments and minimize steering. What started as a simple, multipurpose asymmetrical spinnaker for cruising has been transformed into a series of three models specifically designed for the unique requirements of avid cruisers. Sailing faster how am i going to sail that laser faster. Jan 20, 2014 want to really improve downwind performance. After a summer of sailing the new laser mk2 sail in a variety of conditions, reading about and watching instructional videos, and participating in numerous discussions about the differences in setup between the old standard and the new i finally feel comfortable putting my observations and trim ideas out there into the laser world. Looking at the water is critical, and takes some getting used to. In the 40th anniversary issue of sailing world julyaug.

If you pulled the main in to reduce speed downwind, you were presenting less sail area to the wind. Many sailors need constant reinforcement on these points. Dinghy sailing is the activity of sailing small boats by using five essential controls. Speed sailing by the lee, he shows us why sailing by the lee is fast and makes the point that you have to practice hard to get the feel of it. The objective of these videos is to provide the fleet with tips for racing and for general sailing. In flat water the speed differences are relatively small and the boat requires little steering and body movement. To really improve your downwind speed, consider getting a long tow upwind so you can really maximise your downwind sailing time.

Changing course downwind a run or running free is essentially sailing with the wind pushing the boat from behind. Here we look at various positions across all wind range. Setting the kicker so that the leech moves, up to one foot, is that referring to a dynamic movement of the leech while sailing downwind or to a movment while easing the kicker under the same windpressure and course at the mark rounding. Stick to them, and i guarantee theyll never steer you wrong. In the laser, sailing the shortest distance to the mark is rarely the fastest. Rooster sailing is now pleased to offer a new digital download service of these. This drives the turbine a little bit, which in turn drives the propeller a little bit, so the craft moves downwind slightly faster than the wind. Here are a few laser starts that illustrate the reachspeed uphead up point from youtube, hopefully i will get one of the marina aquatic center top sailors to demonstrate this and make a video. Apr 23, 2018 got the blues leaving the downwind slips.

To get the maximum fun and joy out of your laser you need to adjust your vang tension. I like to think of sailing downwind as dancing with. Sailing directly upwind sailing downwind faster than the wind. Downwind in lasers international laser class association. While sailboats can sail pointed directly downwind, this is not recommended because a shift in wind direction could cause the sails unexpectedly switch sides known as flying gybe. As you fall off to a run, however, you reach a point when you cant ease. This looks like a great time to publish a docking skippers tip. Download distant shores sailing videos sailing television show.

Jan 12, 2007 actually back ontopic, ive been watching a few of those videos on youtube on sailing lasers, and theyve actually helped me visualize certain situations ive been reading about, and have been able to apply reasonably successfuly while ive been learning to sail my new boat. How and where to sit is key to being able to control your weight placement during laser sailing downwind. Whisker poles make downwind sailing fun, exciting and efficient sailing downwind is exhilarating and a great way to get to your destination whether racing or cruising to your favorite anchorage. The settings for medium air downwind sailing are similar to those in light winds. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on youtube.

Jeff martin, secretary of the international laser class association. You dont need instruments to find the best angle downwind. The fastest course is somewhere between beam reach and broad reach. The boat will be more stable than straight downwind and easier to surf the waves. Rooster sailing is now pleased to offer a new digital download service of these popular dvd. Instead, sailors typically progress downwind by following a zigzag course, similar to how they would progress upwind, except with gentler zags. Jul 17, 2016 when sailing into wind, a sailboat sails act just like the wings of a plane. As you turned to a reach, the sail area presented to the wind increased.

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