Pod hd500 4 cable method patches

How to use the four cable method guitar gear finder. Another capability you have with this pedal using the 4cable method is bypassing your amps preamp completely and using a modeled amp by going straight to your power amp. Just didnt know if you guys had the same experience. Again, you need to watch videos from line 6 on the 4cable method in order to understand this. Letthepraisesring this patch uses the brit p75 amp model which is based on the park 75 amplifier and is preset with high midrange eq, making it suitable for a live performance. You would think that line6 would have some type of mode designed directly to address the signal losssplitting issues t. Then i use a pedal switcher to bypass the pod if needed 4 cable method. When i owned my pod hd500 i ran it through an egnator 60w tube head. But my afxii patches have different scenes, that i can control.

If your multieffects unit lets you move the loop around within patches, you can place your phaser. Poor rotaryunivibe emulation, difficult to dial in pristine clean tones which retain an. However, the cable coming from my guitar is noisy as hell, and is really annoying when you move from one spot on the. Worship artistry on the pod hd500x the greenroom, a blog. Good to great amp modelingeffects, flexible routingprogramming architecture cons. This page contains links to download patches ive created using the line 6 hd500x multifx pedal. If you have a stereo effect in a channel after the path split but before the mixer, so that a different leftright signal is hitting the mixer, the pan controls basically adjust the volume of each leftright signal. No reverse delay on hd500, but if ure gonna get a line 6, get the hd500x. Disconnect your device if you have not already done so, disconnect your usb cable from your pod hd500 device. Quite simply, my question is, is there no way put the pedal in a.

This is my live rig and i use nothing else right now. Highdefinition is truly the word because the pod hd500 sounds phenomenal. The 4cable method allows you to do that and it makes your sound so professional. The hd500 fx send jack is actually stereo trs but a standard guitar cable can be used here. Every line in the pods signal chain is a stereo signal. I agree that you can get it set up so that the 4cm doesnt color the tone significantly. Very versatile line 6 pod hd500x patch based on the phd motorway dr. Does anyone here have experience with the 4 cable method with the hd500. Generally speaking, if you want a 6db boost, you would actually need to turn up each mixer path 6 db instead of 3. Ok set up the usual way with 4cm with stomps before the amp and effects after the jvm preamp using the sr block within the effects chain.

I have not attempted the 4 cable method hook up yet, but believe it would work fine with my marshall. I just grabbed a pod hd 500x and ive been demoing it to see if it fulfills my needs. I used this exact setup for a couple years lonestar special and hd500 in 4cm. There is a huge volume difference between the clean channel and the dirty channel. There are 4 patches in this minibundle that include the sound on sound effect as shown in the video and also a gilmour clean, glimour crunch and gilmour lead patch. As you can see in the above picture showing the 4cm general scheme, the guitar should. So each song had a bank of 4 patches, with the flexiibility of adding extra fx on the fly. Editing software must be installed to transfer patches. I know of the 4 cable method but want to just plug straight in for rehearsals etc. Also i picked up a rumble and love that sound so i use different patches with using bass pod front of rumble. I am using a 4 cable method, routing the axe output through the hd500 and back into the axe. It sounds pretty killer and might be my favorite way to use the hd500 yet. The bonus advantage to using the 4 cable method with a multieffects unit such as the hd500x is that you can also mix and match using the pedals amp modeling with your amp.

Please note that if you want to use foot switches 58, you will have to change the function of those switches in your system io. Unbalanced output connect 14 cables here to send your sound to a. Help forum, useful articles, docs, tutorials, patches. Line 6 hd500 patches presets for line 6 pod hd500 huge time saver. The 4 cable method step by step tutorial and explanation this is my explanation of the 4 cable method for using the podhd with an amp to use the distortion on your amp and the effects on the pod hd. Should i do the 4 cable method and use the serial fx loop. Another way to setup is by using amp pres in pod and going into amps effects return. Im running the helix 14 main into the fx return on my hd147 and 412 cab bypassing everything, the thing is an absolute monster. How to get the most from the pod hd500 x, organic and cutting through warm tones, by using the tools available in the device. Hd500 4 cable method issues fender stratocaster guitar forum. How to get the most from the pod hd500x, organic and cutting through warm tones, by using the tools available in the device. These videos are from the pod hd400, hd500 and pod hd bean and m9 14. Also, i used a small midi solutions box velcrod to the hd500 to control channel switching on the mesa. The so called four cable method 4cm allows you to use pod x3 live or digitech gsp1101 as a full featured effects only processor with your existing amplifier.

I use this with my mesa tremoverb and a pod hd500x. All of this allows for pure amp and also all of pod hd500 goodness and. With a 4 channel snake, this was a clean setup with lots of options. These steps should be simular on other multi effects units with effects loops as well. If you want the final result to be 6 db louder, in these.

It is cabled to my fender twin using the four cable method so its not really covenient to use it. Dsp chips have evolved considerably since the original line 6 pod was launched, and the extra power available for the new pod hd500 has provided the opportunity for the designers at line 6 to refresh their range line 6 say theres up to 10 times more computing power in the top of the range new. For this series, line 6 has redone all their models from the ground up for the first time in nearly a decade. See below for more details about different effects and their usage, including a video which walks through and demonstrates the different sounds. This is the final edition of the collection, including 2020 update and our archives since 2011. Line 6 pod hd500x patches guitar effects presets amp tone.

Not well with pod hd and the tube amp heads ive tried with it 5150. I dont have the hd500x, just the hd500 and recently got a line6 dt 25 amp. This is my explanation of the 4 cable method for using the podhd with an amp to use the distortion. Select the effect or amp block you want to control using the 4way navigation pad. Use knob 1 to select which foot switch you would like to control that effect or amp block.

Line6 pod hd500x custom patches by glenn delaune home. I use a combination of fx only and increasingly amp model patches. So im getting up to speed building new presets for songs, and getting. With the 4 cable method, you plug your guitar into the hd500x input, the fx loop. The hd 500 features 16 different highly soughtafter amps. I can hear the difference but i dont think the crowd will. I have read several web pages about this and it all seems confusing. Since you can place the effects return anywhere in the hd500 chain, you can use pod effects on your signal. The amp i use at the rehearsal room has a power amp in socket, but you could use the effects return socket. All about pod hd500 x line6 amp and effect modeler. More than 4,300 hd500x artist and amp tone patches. Line 6 pod hd500x tips assign foot switches sweetwater. My chosen method of hooking up my hd500 is to use the four cable method with my marshall jvm combo.

I want to connect a line 6 pod hd500, and i was hoping to be able to easily switch over bypass to the marshall straight in. Im a couple weeks in with my new line 6 hd500x, and im loving it. The pod hd500x is the ultimate tone palette, whether you want to recreate classics or go somewhere new with the ability to recall up to 512 totally different rigswith changes to preamp type, power amp configuration, guitar type, polyphonic alttuning, effects chain and more. I hooked up my mesa express 525 and im getting some interesting results. The unit packs in all of the features from the hd300 and hd400 models, as well as boosting the storage space and the potential for handsfree control. When using the 4 cable method, for patches that use the amp preamp, you should use the channel volume knobs to level the volume equal to your patches where you bypass the amps preamp completely, using the pods amp simulations instead. All i want is for the 4 cable method to work by keeping the signal to a maximum. After carefully reading the license, select the i agree option if you consent to the terms of this license, then click next.

Or do you have to save patches with amp sims eg if i was wanting to use the. Users who like line 6 pod hd500x djent rhythm patch. Tbh, i havent used the 4 cable method, i completely bypass the amps preamp, and send the pod straight into the power amp. Before we get into the guts of four cable method what it is and what it can do for you and your tone. This allows you to use your tube amp as the preamp and power while using all the cool effects in the pod. I did the guitar 500 head route and it sounded decent but when i kicked it over to the 4 cable method it really started to shine, i think its because it look over the preamp on my head. I have been playing around with the 4 cable method and my amp. Line 6 pod hd 500x multieffects processor with on stage instrument cable. This is the best information i have found on using the 4 cable method to get the best of both worlds a line6 pod hd500 floor pedal and an evh 5150 iii 50 watt head. Just bought a used fully working brand new pod hd500x. If you do not agree with the license, the installation will be cancelled.

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