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Feb 03, 2015 so if i feed the white chocobo u get materia from it but i cant choose any option to pet the chocobo so i cant get the materia and i need to restard the game help plsu if u know what i mean last edited by sup bitch. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read final fantasy vii strategy guide. The video has been watched over 60 000 times and liked by more than people. In this case, the preorder bonus is that of the chocobo chick summoning materia for everybody, along with an exclusive sephiroth ps4 dynamic theme for amazon. Final fantasy 7 chocobo breeding this is the best walkthrough on chocobo breeding that you will ever read. You cannot breed a gold chocobo using two wonderful chocobos. What effects to the other nuts in ff7 have on the chocobos. Mating chocobos to mate chocobos, you obviously need 2 chocobos of the opposite gender in your stable. Restart your game if you dont get a right colour chocobo hold select and start then press r1, r2, l1, l2 twice, if you want to. Chocobo profiles name item used yellow chocobo na descriptionabillity first chocobo you can get, when riding, the team doesnt encounter random attacks location chocobo ranch, junon, golden saucer, rocket town, wutia, icicle inn, mideel area breed from na name item used blue chocobo carob nut descriptionabillity blue chocobos have the abillity to walk on rivers.

Final fantasy vii walkthrough part 47 gold chocobo side quest hd. Catch 4 chocobos near mideel and send them to your stables. Black chocobo is a ff7 save game editor written in qt. In this guide, i will explain to you, step by step, how to unlock chocobo renting in final fantasy xv. Also, newly born chocobos and chocobos who just gave birth to a new one cant mate again right away.

Final fantasy 7 remake spoilercast a special episode. Final fantasy vii remake has been easily one of the most anticipated game launches ever, so there was no doubt that square enix would have some sort of preorder bonus included. Every time you buy a covering permission, a random. Just for context, im playing the ps4 download version. Simply click on a click to go to that particular section. Chocobo types explanations of what each chocobo does and split into categories. Regardless of how high of a pedigree chocobo you use, youll only be able to increase pedigree by 1 per breeding. Steam community guide gold chocobo guide no racing. Then mate the wonderful chocobo with the black chocobo and give them a zeio nut wich can be found north of the chocobo farm in a island were there are goblins, defeat goblins there or. Dont miss this ultimate gold chocobo breeding guide. However, higherpedigree breeding stock chocobos have a higher chance to have highertier abilities, which have a 50% chance of being inherited by your baby.

Getting a gold chocobo before cloud rejoins the party on disk 2 and before the gold saucer has reopened so no racing available is. You dont need to race the goodgreat chocobos at all to get rivermt. I just received my g4 chocobo, my g3 chocobo had 4 star speed and 4 star acceleration, but awful stamina, it was 1 star. You can do this once you get the highwind on disc 2, but most wont have enough money till.

Final fantasy vii general discussions topic details. All about chocobos final fantasy vii guides caves of. If you have followed this guide exactly, the chocobo will be female. Do something slightly different, like feed the chocobos some greens or fight a battle before breeding or something to make the rng the games random number generator roll the next number that determines the outcome of the breeding. At the time the big cast, the halfway point in the game, which will be discussed further later, and the world itself in final fantasy vi seemed big. After that time, to remove the chocobo you just go in the fetch option. A chocobo with a rabbit and a wolf will not be wonderful and should be ignored. Final fantasy vii is set in a dystopian modern fantasy world with a heavy cyberpunk theme. I wish i could tell you guys more about this, but here is what i know for now. Keep in mind, if youre breeding a 20 chocobo, having 1 is the same as a 3 on a parent chocobo. This means that for your first breeding session, there will be a 50% chance that your new baby chocobo will be a different color, and a 50% chance itll be the default color like your first one. You will get to explore the materia caves located at the top right corner of the map gold chocobo only, middleleft of the map at least a green chocobo required, bottomright of the map at least a blue chocobo required, and middle of the. Final fantasy 7 part 151 chocobo breeding guide 2 youtube. Helped by a large prerelease promotional campaign, final fantasy vii became an immediate critical and commercial success.

Welcome back to the full walkthrough of my favourite game of all time, final. I dont look that much like a chocobo, cloud grumbled. Early chocobo breeding trick in final fantasy 7 youtube. The quest for breeding a gold chocobo is notorious among players for being the most frustrating sidequest in final fantasy vii. Once you reached rank 40 on a chocobo, a quest icon should have appeared above the chocobokeep in chocobo square, the npc standing to the right of the desk whos wearing a chocobo suit. I have a chocobo in the desert yellow and want in ink blue color. If you have a female great chocobo and a male good chocobo, youll probably only get male chocobos.

The chocobo side quests are much easier later in the game once you have reached. This is a lets play of final fantasy 7, not a walkthrough, so i wont be pointing out every single detail thats in the game. Catch a wonderful chocobo of the opposite sex of your black one. While breeding a gold chocobo may not seem like its worth the time and effort, but the rewards are very much worth it. Features guides, walkthroughs, wallpaper, mp3s, midis, videos, and general information for final fantasy, kingdom hearts, and chrono series games. Final fantasy vii once you get the gold chocobo, there are lot of things to do. Chocobo breeding is probably understood to be the major side content of final fantasy vii. Final fantasy vii for pc was actually messed up and built from an earlier source code than the international ps1 release was and no, this doesnt mean you can acquire a silver chocobo.

Final fantasy vii hd walkthrough is played on ps4 console. If you did not get a great female and a wonderful male, reset your game and run into the farm faster. Most current version all users should try the continuous build for their os. The creature is generally a flightless bird, though certain highly specialized breeds in some titles retain the ability to fly. But, every time i try to mate chocobos i mate earlier, i always get a yellow chocobo. At least 4 chocobo stables, bought from the old man inside the house on the chocobo farm for 10,000 gil apiece. This guide will go over chocobo breeding and capturing including. If you are using windows you can use the windows installer or if you dont like installers, you can grab the portable build. It looks like an ant compared to final fantasy vii though. Final fantasy vii hd ps4 how to breed gold chocobo tutorial. If you dont get the chocobo youre looking for, reset and restart. The chocobo side quests are much easier later in the game once you have reached disc 3.

You wont be able to rent chocobos during the first two chapters of the game, but leide is not that. Chocobo in breeding calculator males father males mother females father females mother. Chocobos pass on either the mothers speed value or the fathers speed value. Information in this document has been found trough the final fantasy vii game pc us version and a huge 6days long chocobo hunting session. Final fantasy 7 part 150 chocobo breeding guide youtube. A male good with female great and a female good with a male great for my blue and green chocobos at the start. Wonderful chocobos only appears with one or two jumpings enemies, pictured below. It bears a resemblance to casuariiformes and ratites, capable of being ridden and. To get the blue chocobo, capture a great chocobo from the tracks on the southern continent, close to mideel.

I wil be showing you how to manipulate chocobo sage to share all his advice instantly. When you go to breed a greatgood with a nongreat, you must choose the greatgood first, and your chances of breeding a special chocobo are reduced to 25% of their norm. Here you will find a complete final fantasy vii chocobo guide. A baby chocobo will inherit one of its parents colors randomly, with a 50% chance of each. Heres a list of things you can get from chocobo breeding. However, im trying to breed a blue chocobo for close to two hours now. The most infamous chocobo rumor is the silver chocobo. Getting the gold chocobo will take about 810 hours, at least 300,000 gil as well as the airship and lots of patience. Final fantasy vii littlebigplanet 3 remake levels youtube. Just get to the third chapter of the story, which will open a whole new area, duscae.

Not only can a breeder get some great items such as the knights of the round materia ultimate summon of ff7, but it is simply fun. Hp mp materia quadra magic materia mime materia knights of the round materia omnislash limit break. At least 4 chocobo stables, bought from the old man inside the house on the chocobo. Final fantasy vii s probably most intricate side quest is the chocobo breeding quest. Got the right colour chocobo then get up to a or s rank. Final fantasy vii 7 ffvii ff7 chocobo breeding ffwa. After that, i fought 10 battles and returned so i can mate them again. Im in the process of trying to breed for a male blue chocobo. Mate the blue chocobo and the green chocobo with a carob nut to get a black chocobo. Final fantasy vii ost composer nobuo uematsu, all rights reserved by squareenix and digicube. The way to get 20 stars is to just try to get as many 4s as possible on each of your parent chocobos parents pedigree. So ive encountered something and i was wondering if its just me, or whether you all have experienced this.

This breeding permit records the stats of the chocobo you retired. Gold chocobo a breeding guide final fantasy vii youtube. Final fantasy extreme final fantasy 7 vii chocobos. Armor guide download file character guide download file chocobo breeding guide download file enemy skills guide. White chocobo final fantasy vii general discussions. Final fantasy vii remake how to access preorder bonuses. When you go to breed a greatgood with a nongreat, you must choose the greatgood first, and your chances of breeding a special chocobo are reduced to. Mate the wondeful chocobo and the black chocobo with a zeio nut to get a gold chocobo. I wont lie, it can at times be a frustrating experience. Once you cover aka resign your chocobo, you will now get something like a breeding permit. Final fantasy vii walkthrough part 47 gold chocobo. Preparatory steps before breeding the special chocobos 4. Final fantasy 7 walkthrough chocobo breeding guide 2 follow my guide all the way to get a gold chocobo. Start by getting a male and female great chocobo from the mideel area.

Final fantasy vii introduces final fantasy players to the world of chocobo breeding. What effects to the other nuts in ff7 have on the chocobos you breed. Im doing the chocobo thing and have my green female chocobo. If sephiroth had heard the troopers complaint he gave no sign. Aug, 2010 final fantasy 7 walkthrough chocobo breeding guide 2 follow my guide all the way to get a gold chocobo. Guide to breeding a stable full of perfect chocobos by dynamixdj v1. So, if youre willing to gamble using a bit of extra mgp, its possible that your new baby might inherit a highertier ability if you breed with a g9. How to breed and capture chocobos what you need to breed and what to do to capture. Breeding when you breed chocobos, youll need at least a chocobo that is the same pedigree as your retired chocobo.

It has continued to sell solidly10 million copies were sold by may 2010, making it the bestselling title in the series. Guaranteed gaming press headlines aside, ff7 is important in a lot of ways. Early chocobo breeding trick in final fantasy 7 forcing the rng for a gold chocobo. I got great gospel for aeris, i mastered all my magic materia and bred a golden chocobo.

Ive always used the method in absolute steves guide for breeding chocobos. Feed and breed two sclass chocobos, and theres a small chance youll receive the silver chocobo. Chocobo breeding, a final fantasy vii fanfic fanfiction. Remembering that does not diminish the chocobo stable during this period. You can begin racing chocobos after you have rescued cloud from the second visit to mideel as this is when gold saucer reopens for business.

May 18, 2005 this english patch deals with all issues related to running final fantasy vii platinum and final fantasy vii. Feb 22, 2010 final fantasy vii chocobo breeding chocobo breeding plays a major role in the game, without chocobo breeding you cant get certain materias which are very essential in the final battles. Here you can download black chocobo for your system. Getting the gold chocobo this is a very advanced part of chocobo breeding, which you must be on disc three for, and a lot of gil. You can only start chocobo breeding on disc 2, after youve gotten the airship. Get the black chocobo to class b or higher and get a wonderful chocobo wich can be found in icicle inn area,then get the wonderful chocobo to class b or higher. Breeding a gold chocobo hints and tips for final fantasy vii. Also spending time in the ranch field screen, moving chocobos from the pen inside the stables and breeding chocobos affect the.

If you breed a p1 with a p9 cover, youll still get a p2. They are the mountain chocobo green, the river chocobo blue, the mountainriver chocobo black, and the ocean chocobo gold. May 21, 2015 a baby chocobo will inherit one of its parents colors randomly, with a 50% chance of each. As a matter of fact, it is considered one of the most complicated quests in the entire final fantasy series. Jun 02, 2015 once you have bought your covering permission, youll want to go unlock chocobo breeding. There are also so many more side quests in final fantasy vii. Today g is going to go through a whole video thinking that there was a trophy for breeding a gold chocobo. In this way, the extra mgp is wasted as long as the breeding stock chocobo you employ has the same pedigree as your chocobo or higher, the baby will have.

Early chocobo breeding trick in final fantasy 7 get a. Final fantasy vii was praised for its graphics, gameplay, music and story. Such fine chocobos too, the silver haired man said almost dreamily, the feathers on the gold one are exquisite and a rare black chocobo as well. Sidequest, probably, the best side quest out of all the final fantasy games, plus each special type of chocobo green, blue, black, and gold gives you access to a new cave with special materia, including the ultimate summon materia. The first fishy thing i noticed was that the breed of a chocobo seems to be determined before i enter the chocobo ranch, i reset for a half hour then to only get a female. This side quest of breeding chocobos is time and money consuming but still worth it. Once we get to the final breeds, youll be free to label them as. You can breed one using one greatgood and one wonderful.

Do note that it is a sidequest, meaning you dont need to complete it at all in order to finish the game andor to enjoy it. Remember to come back to check for more great content for final fantasy vii. Chokobo is a fictional species from the final fantasy video game series made by square and square enix since 1988. If you do purchase a g9 breeding stock chocobo to breed yours with, the resulting baby wont be any higher in pedigree it will just be one pedigree level higher than your original parent. However, if youre breeding, its possibly due to the parents. Guide to chocobo stat maxing final fantasy vii message. Final fantasy viis probably most intricate side quest is the chocobo breeding quest. I bought a covering chocobo until i saw a 4 star stamina, hoping that itd maybe breed with what i already had and create 4 star in all 3. This chocobo is capable of travelling underwater and in space, depending on who you ask. Then travel to wutai and youll see a cave in the far south behind the rocks, dismount your chocobo and pick up the quadra magic materia. First head to the east of north corel and youll see a cave near the river, enter the cave and pick up the hp mp materia. All about chocobos final fantasy vii guides caves of narshe. I used a certain strategy for breeding these chocobos. You can begin breeding chocobos after you have obtained the highwind during the escape from junon.

This will greatly reduce the time it takes to train up all those chocobo s for breeding. Android ios iphoneipad nintendo switch pc playstation 4 xbox one. Ive been contemplating making youtube vids for a while now, maybe this would make a good starting video. Ive bred the chocobo s before on the ps1 and original pc version and i knew it worked then. Chocobo sages pet chocobo has a enemy skill materiamany different types of chocobo s can be made. Manipulating chocobo sage trick in final fantasy 7 ps4. First, fly to the icicle inn area and catch a wonderful chocobo. The game is also different from other final fantasies or jrpgs and closer to wrpgs in the sense that its not afraid of talking about sexuality and featuring less than subtle gay undertones. Buy a nut from choco billy or find them, and ask billy to mate the chocobos for you. I currently have one good chocobo rank a, great chocobo also rank a opposite sexes, and after mating i got a green chocobo. Chocobo breeding table a table showing all the possible chocobos and how to breed them.

Guide to breeding a stable of maxed out chocobos the lifestream. I will explain only what you need to do and will not go off telling you about every kind of nut there is, and stuff like that. Next, fly to the mideel area and catch a great chocobo. How to get a gold chocobo in 90 minutes final fantasy vii duration. Getting a gold chocobo in final fantasy 7 on disk 2 and without racing. Aug, 2010 final fantasy 7 walkthrough chocobo breeding guide its time to start breeding some special chocobos. Final fantasy 7 walkthrough chocobo breeding guide its time to start breeding some special chocobos.

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